Marketing & Communication Strategy

Are you starting a project or launching a new product and need to spread the word?

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In collaboration with you and your team, I will discuss the scope, brainstorm ideas and define a comprehensive marketing or communications strategy that suits your needs, goals and your vision. Where needed, I’m also here to help on an operative level to execute the previously designed strategy. 

Content Strategy & Creation

Content strategy what? Are you looking to start with social media channels, a blog or newsletter? 

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Social media and other content often comes last in fast-paced companies and teams. I know how to create well-rounded content strategies for social media and beyond – think blogposts, newsletters or other corporate publications – even with limited resources. Together, we'll define the content playground, gather ideas and organize it all in a comprehensive content strategy plan that supports your vision. Operational involvement can include copywriting, content creation and basic graphic design. 

Project & Campaign Management

Are you looking for someone to plan and coordinate a marketing campaign or a specific project with all team members or more stakeholders? 

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My project management approach includes detailed campaign planning, timeline definition, task tracking and regular team briefing and updates. Depending on your need, I deliver a plug & play project plan to your team lead or I stay with you as project lead until post-production.

Event Communication & PR

Are you running a conference or event and aren't sure how to approach the communication strategy around it?

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With a special focus on live communication, I have developed a comprehensive approach to communication and PR around – and especially during – events and conferences. That includes the collaboration with social media and content teams, content briefings, media relations and the coordination with internal and external stakeholders involved in the event, such as sponsors, partners or guests – even across different timezones.

Team Building

Have you been thinking about organizing a great team event or team building activity but haven't quite found the time to execute your ideas?

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Virtual or offline: if done right, team events can help strengthen team spirit and motivation. I’m here to get to know you and your team to then create an inspirational and enlightening experience. If you'd like to dedicate an hour or a whole weekend is up to you.   


Upon a first consultation I put together an offer including an estimation of the required time and resources and hourly feel. In case of longterm contracts, monthly retainers are an option.