A creative communications and marketing specialist with 10 years of expertise in Switzerland with a splash of international experience. Before working for and with different companies to optimize their comms and marketing strategies, I have studied journalism and corporate communications at ZHAW in Winterthur. Several years ago, I started supporting friends with their projects and companies in my free time. Now, I have turned this side-passion into my full-time profession.

I have a weird obsession with true crime podcasts🕵🏼 and am currently learning Greek. The Swiss mountains and the Portuguese Atlantic ocean put me at ease – that’s where I recharge and draw inspiration for new ideas.

My Background

My official work journey started in 2013 with Uber in Switzerland. Over the course of 5 years, I launched Uber in four Swiss cities and supported the launches in several cities across EMEA. 2018, life after Uber took me to the crypto space, where I worked with blockchain startups and eventually started heading up marketing at the CfC St. Moritz. At one of Switzerland’s leading PR agencies, furrerhugi, I had the chance to consult a variety of companies in launch and communication strategies and strengthened my network in Switzerland. My passion for startups and audio products then led me as Head of Marketing to Angle Audio before I decided to focus full-time supporting clients with Sarah Jordi Consulting. Get the full picture on my LinkedIn.